How To Create A Dark Academia Aesthetic Room?

What is Dark Academia Aesthetic?

Dark academia aesthetic is an aesthetic that is found in clothing and interior design and romanticizes the study of literature, art, and architecture, and is often associated with Ivy League universities, traditional libraries, and old-world European charm. As a prime example of this aesthetic is the book and movie "Harry Potter"

Dark Academia Color Palette

Rather dark and brooding colors are often used in this aesthetic to convey the atmosphere of universities and learning, such as

  •  Brown and wood colors - One of the most popular colors in this aesthetic as it is often associated with book covers, libraries and classic clothing
  • Maroon - This color will add elegance to your room and emphasize the aesthetics of dark academia
  • Forest Green - Often associated with plants and trees and can add freshness to your room
  • Gray - A nice neutral color that can add serenity to your room
  • Navy Blue - A good color for accents in this aesthetic such as curtains or pillows
    dark academia color palette

Dark Academia Wall Decor

Wall decor plays an important role in this aesthetic, you can hang vintage posters and tapestries, wooden shelves and vintage mirrors, in general, the main idea is to use vintage and antique pieces!

Dark Academia Aesthetic Bedding

Focus on generating a warm and opulent feeling when choosing Dark Academia theme bedding. Select dark, intense hues like burgundy, navy blue, forest green, and dark brown.

Dark Academia Lightning

The main rule is never to use a big light, use different garlands, lamps or even candles! light should be warm to create a feeling of coziness. Unfortunately the cold light will not work at all and will only kill the vibe.

Dark Academia Accessories

As accessories for your dark academy room, we advise you to choose various objects that convey the mood of learning: you can hang bookshelves and fill them with books, use decor in beige tones, such as various macrame, vases and candles!

dark academia accessories

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