How To Create A Fairycore Aesthetic Room?

What Is Fairycore Aestehtic?

Fairycore is one of several nature based aesthetics, almost identical to Cottagecore but also inspired by Celtic, Scottish, Nordic, German, French, Native American, Japanese, Chinese mythologies.

The main characters in the Fairycore aesthetic are characters such as fairies, but there are also various kinds of mermaids, elves, nymphs, shapeshifters and others.

Fairycore aesthetic photos are often visually appealing, with soft and vibrant colors, as well as blur and sparkle effects. Collage can also be used to improve a pic by adding fairies, flowers, mushrooms, or other elements. It's interesting to note that Fairycore has a variety of visual styles, with some people preferring pastels, sparkles, and depictions of "The Fairies," while others prefer earth tones, foliage, and depictions of "The Fae." Within the Fairycore aesthetic, both styles are equally valid and accepted!

Fairycore Aesthetic In Room Decor

In this article we will focus on creating a magical Fairycore room, but first we need to choose a color palette.

Color Palette

To create a dreamy mood in our room, we recommend choosing colors that evoke interesting dreamy associations, such as

  • Pink - Love, Warmth, and Femininity.
  • Blue - Calmness, Water, Serenity, and Imagination.
  • Green - Growth, Renewal, and Harmony with Nature.
  • Yellow And Orange - Leaves, Optimism, and Sunlight.
  • Purple - Magic, Mystery, and Creativity.Fairycore Room Decor Color Palette

Fairycore Patterns And Motifs

An important visual component of Fairycore Aesthetics are various patterns and motifs that are inspired by nature, folklore and fantasy.the most famous are such patterns as

  • Crystals
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Fairies
  • MushroomsFairycore Room Decor Patterns And Motifs

Fairycore Room Decor

Fairycore Wall Decor

Now that we've learned the patterns in the Fairycore Aesthetic, it's time to move on to the wall decor. You can hang vintage mirrors, artificial ivy, butterflies, various posters and mushroom lanterns!Fairycore Room Wall Decor Inspiration

Fairycore Bedding

For bedding we advise you to choose discreet and pastel colors, your bed should be like a visual extension of your room and for this we advise you to choose floral and mushroom patterns as they will blend into your room and create a dreamy vibe!Fairycore Aesthetic Bedding Inspiration


In nature-inspired aesthetics, an obvious and great solution would be to bring plants into the room. We recommend you focusing on living plants, but we also strongly recommend hanging artificial ivy as it creates a Fairycore atmosphere in your room and requires no maintenance!

Fairycore Lightning

There is one rule for lighting in Fairycore Aesthetic Rooms - Never use a big light! use garlands, table lamps or even candles! the light must also be warm shades!

Fairycore Furniture

When it comes to furniture, we recommend that you choose furniture made of natural materials such as wood. It will also be great if you can find something vintage or antique!

Fairycore Room Accessories

As accessories, you can use various knick-knacks such as mugs, crystals  mirrors, jewelry trays and mushroom lanterns. It's good if you have an antique tea set, also use accessories made from natural materials, for example, wooden coasters.Fairycore Room Decor Accessories


What should be in a Fairycore room?

A Fairycore room should definitely include items that are associated with nature, such as herbariums, various mugs and room decor with floral patterns.

What style is similar to Fairycore?

There are several styles that share similarities with Fairycore, such as Mushroomcore, Cottagecore, Naturecore and other Nature-Based aesthetics.

What Colors are Fairycore?

The colors of the Fairycore aesthetic are inspired by Nature and include colors such as Creamy White, Earthy Green, Soft Pink, Blue, Lavender And Beige

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