How To Create A Grunge Aesthetic Room?

What Is Grunge Aesthetic?

Grunge is an aesthetic that emerged in the 1990s and is associated with such musical groups as Nirvana, Pearl Jam. This aesthetic is about denying mainstream things and trying to find beauty in chaos and disorder. The grunge aesthetic often features dark and moody colors such as black, grey, and deep red, and incorporates textures such as distressed wood, exposed brick, and vintage or antique decor pieces. Thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, this aesthetic has started to gain popularity again recently, especially among Generation Z

Grunge Color Palette

The grunge aesthetic often uses moody and dark colors. Here are some colors you can use for your aesthetic room:

  • Black - One of the primary colors of the grunge aesthetic
  • Grey - Great color to add a neutral tone to your room
  • Red - Red will help add aggressive notes to the room.
  • Olive Green - Olive green is a popular color in Grunge Aesthetic and can add a vintage touch to the overall look.
  • Brown - another color to help add a vintage feel to the roomGrunge Room Color Palette

Grunge Motifs And Patterns

The interesting thing is that in this aesthetic it is difficult to identify any established motifs and patterns, but we can try to grab onto something and find inspiration in home decor. For example:

  • Checkerboard - Probably the most popular and obvious pattern in the grunge aesthetic. By the way, read our article on checkered decor!
  • Vinyl and CD's - Based on our research, CDs and vinyl records are the most popular grunge wall decor.
  • Graffiti - not the most popular pattern, but sometimes seen in aesthetic rooms
  • Posters - Many posters of 90s bands such as Nirvana Soundgarden and Alice in Chains are also a popular pattern in grunge aesthetic room decor
  • Floral Pattern - It's a completely different story! We wouldn't be mentioning this pattern if there wasn't such an aesthetic as Fairy Grunge, which is a mixture of aesthetics like grunge and fairycore. In the original grunge you rarely see flowers, but in fairy grunge they play a huge role!
  • Skulls - Sometimes you can find such a pattern, but it is more radical and sometimes even inappropriate, you need to use it very carefully

Grunge Room Decor

Grunge Wall Decor

Now that we already have an idea of ​​what grunge is, it's time to move on to decor! Let's start with the wall decor. The perfect grunge room often includes CD's and vinyl hanging on the walls as we said earlier, you can also use faux ivy to give the overall vibe, hang a lot of band posters and tapestry with dark tones.

If you have a guitar, then you can also hang it on the wall, it will be a great accent!Grunge Aesthetic Room Wall Decor

Grunge Furniture

When it comes to furniture, we advise you to choose furniture made from natural materials such as wood, it will also be great if you find something vintage and antique!

Grunge Bedding

There are two good approaches to choosing a bed set. The first is to use calm colors and try not to put much emphasis on the bed, the second way is the opposite, you need to choose colors that contrast, such as black and white. Here's some inspiration!Grunge Aesthetic Bedding

Grunge Lightning

In a grunge room, we advise you not to use some kind of large and harsh light source, it is better to choose something calm and dim, for example, garlands, lamps and candles, subdued light will emphasize the dark and gloomy mood of the grunge aesthetic!

Grunge Accessories

Everything is simple here! choose accessories that will support the mood of your room. you just need to choose dark colors and patterns like checkerboard. Here's some Inspo for you!Grunge Aesthetic Room Accessories


How can I make my room look grunge?

To make your room grunge you should use dark tones like black, dark red, olive green, as well as various elements of 90s rock like vinyl records and CDs, band posters, and accents like faux ivy or grunge rugs

What style is similar to Grunge?

There are several related aesthetics that are similar to Grunge such as Fairy Grunge and Soft Grunge.

What Colors are Grunge?

Grunge uses darker colors such as Black ,Gray, Red ,Olive Green and Brown.

Thank You For Reading!

We hope you enjoyed our article about Grunge Aesthetic Room Decor, we think we helped clear the clutter in your head and now you have a better understanding of how to decorate your room in your own style. Browse our featured Grunge Decor Collection and you will definitely find something for yourself!

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