A$AP Rocky Handmade Toy

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To understand what this story is about, you need to look at the description under the tapir toy

this story starts in Paris.

After my Russian grandmother became friends with a French tapir ( His name is JACQUES), he invited her to go to a concert of a famous rapper, it turned out to be asap rocky (HE was his BIGGEST fan

Right after the concert Asap Rocky suggested my grandmother to take some meds ( just because she had stomach problems)

This solved her problem

in gratitude for the advice, she knitted a silk scarf for him and made a copy of it as a keepsake

This toy was made by my Russian grandma.

Now I am trying to help her with her little business and decided to make a section in the store especially for her homemade toys.

available in a single copy

Size: 38 cm / 15 in

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