How To Create A Cottagecore Aesthetic Room?

What is Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that draws inspiration from medieval English villages and the quiet, idyllic life of the countryside.This aesthetic appeared around 2010 but has recently gained significant popularity thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. It is based on the idea of living in harmony with nature and is part of a larger trend of Nature-Based aesthetics, such as Naturecore and Fairycore.

Color Scheme

In order to choose the right colors for the Cottagecore Aesthetic Room, we need to choose natural colors that are associated with something in nature or in rural life, for example, colors such as

  • Soft Pink - Reminiscent of rose petals or blush tones.
  • Dusty Blue - Reminiscent of faded denim and clear skies.
  • Sage Green - Reminiscent of fresh herbs or plants.
  • Yellow and Orange - Reminiscent of sunflowers, the sun and autumn leaves.
  • Lavender - Reminiscent of lavender fields or lilac flowers.
  • Earthy Color - Reminiscent of Earth and AgricultureCottagecore Aesthetic Color Palette

Motifs And Patterns

Since nature is one of the main visuals of this aesthetic, we need to choose motifs and patterns that are associated with nature, such as

  • Strawberries - One of the frequently seen patterns in the Cottagecore aesthetic, here is the inspiration for what items we have in store!Strawberry Inspired Room Decor
  • Mushrooms - Mushrooms are so good they even have their own aesthetic! it's called Mushroomcore, but adding Mushrooms to the Cottagecore Aesthetic Room would be a great idea!Mushroom Inspired Room Decor
  • Floral Patterns - Сlassic pattern for Cottagecore aesthetics! can be found everywhere in the decor of the room, from bedding to various posters and toys. A great way to add a piece of nature to your room!Floral Pattern
  • Gingham -  Pattern that is often used in Cottagecore aesthetic, Gingham adds a touch of Vintage charm to ant room!Gingham Pattern
  • Сow Spots - An unusual and interesting pattern that is sure to add Cottagecore Vibe to your room.Cow Spots Pattern

You can find all these patterns and motifs in our Cottagecore Aesthetic Room Decor Collection!

Cottagecore Room Decor

Cottagecore Wall Decor

Now that we've learned the patterns in the Cottagecore Aesthetic, it's time to move on to the wall decor. Нou can hang vintage mirrors, artificial ivy, various posters and lanterns!

we also advise you to hang tapestry with flower motifs above the bed, here's some inspiration for you!Cottagecore Aesthetic Wall Decor


In aesthetics that are inspired by nature, an obvious and great solution would be to bring plants into the room, we advise you to focus on living plants, but we also strongly advise you to hang artificial ivy as it creates a Cottagecore atmosphere in your room and does not require any maintenance.

Cottagecore Bedding

It's a good idea to choose the patterns we talked about earlier, like a floral pattern, as colors we don't recommend choosing something bright and eye-catching, it's better to look at more calm and basic colors, such as creamy white and beige.You can also add cute plush toys to make your bed even cozier!Cottagecore Aesthetic Bedding

Cottagecore Furniture

When it comes to furniture, we advise you to choose furniture made from natural materials such as wood, it will also be great if you find something vintage and antique!

Cottagecore Lightning

Sunlight is the main source of lighting in the Cottagecore aesthetic, but when evening comes, other light sources need to be used.

The main rule is never to use a big light, use different garlands, lamps or even candles! light should be warm to create a feeling of coziness. Unfortunately the cold light will not work at all and will only kill the vibe.

Cottagecore Accessories

As accessories, you can use various items such as mugs, mirrors, jewelry trays and wicker baskets. It's good if you have an antique tea set, also use accessories made from natural materials, for example, wooden coasters.Cottagecore Aesthetic Room Accessories


What should be in a Cottagecore room?

A Cottagecore room should definitely include items that are associated with nature, such as herbariums, various mugs and room decor with floral patterns.

What style is similar to Cottagecore?

There are several styles that share similarities with Cottagecore, such as Mushroomcore, Naturecore, Fairycore, and other Nature-Based aesthetics.

What Colors are Сottagecore?

The colors of the Cottagecore aesthetic are inspired by Nature and include colors such as Creamy White, Earthy Green, Soft Pink, Blue, Lavender And Beige

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