Indie Aesthetic Room

332 products

    332 products
    boogel home ribbed softie bedding set
    aesthetic softie bedding set boogzel home
    Ribbed Softie Bedding Set
    from $69.99
    boogzel home danish pastel lotus lamp
    danish pastel pink lotus lamp boogzel
    Danish Pastel Lotus Desk Lamp
    aesthetic window projector boogzel home
    boogzel home aesthetic window projector
    5 Styles Fake Window Wall Projector
    aesthetic mushroom shaped glass vase
    mushroom glass boogzel home
    Mushroom Shaped Glass Vase
    bondi beach australia poster
    ibiza bohemia poster boogzel home
    Summer Vibes Canvas Poster
    from $6.90
    aesthetic flower glass boogzel home
    flower glass boogzel home
    French Aesthetic Flower Glass
    danish pastel table lamp boogzel home
    boogzel home danish pastel table lamp
    Danish Pastel Table Lamp
    aesthetic kardin vase
    jardin vase boogzel home
    Jardin des Fleurs Pastel Vase
    aesthetic street light lamp - purple boogzel home
    boogzel home blue street light desk lamp
    Street Light Desk Lamp
    taurus aesthetic poster boogzel home
    sagittarius poster
    Pastel Zodiac Signs Canvas Poster
    from $9.90
    boogzel home fluffy rainbow rug
    fluffy rainbow rug boogzel home
    Fluffy Rainbow Accent Rug
    boogzel home aesthetic chamomile bedding set
    boogzel home aesthetic chamomile bedding
    Aesthetic Chamomile Bedding Set
    from $69.99
    boogzel home aesthetic room decor flamingo bedding
    flamingo bedding set boogzel home
    Tropical Flamingo Bedding Set
    from $99.99
    aries tapestry boogzel home
    boogzel home taurus tapestry
    Horoscope Aesthetic Wall Tapestry
    boogzel home foraginf tapestry
    Foraging Plants & Mushrooms Tapestry
    sun star catcher boogzel home
    star and crystals sun catcher boogzel home
    Star & Crystals Sun Catcher
    honey bee aesthetic bedding set boogzel home
    boogzel home honey bee aesthetic bedding set
    Honey Bee Aesthetic Bedding Set
    from $70.00
    sunflowers aesthetic bedding set boogzel
    sunflower bedding set boogzel home
    Sunflowers Aesthetic Bedding Set
    from $70.00
    anime room wall tapestry boogzel
    boogzel home anime room wall tapestry
    Anime Room Wall Tapestry
    from $19.00
    boogzel home chakra wall tapestry
    Chakra Wall Tapestry
    bird toorhpick dispenser
    buy bird toothpick dispenser
    Bird Toothpick Dispenser
    boogzel home sun catcher fortune teller
    fortune teller sun catcher boogzel home
    Fortune Teller Sun Catcher
    Boogzel home energy is infinite tapestry
    Energy is Infinite Aesthetic Tapestry
    from $19.00
    boogzel home kawaii peach bedding set
    kawaii peach bedding boogzel home
    Kawaii Peach Bedding Set
    from $77.00
    Boogzel home aesthetic hippie tapestry
    hippie tapestry boogzel home
    Breathe in Peace Wall Tapesrty
    from $19.00
    rainbow dreamcatcher boogzel home
    rainbow dreamcatcher boogzel home
    SoftGirl Room Rainbow Wall Decor
    checkered board mirror boogzel home
    boogzel home checkered mirror
    Checkerboard Mirror
    wavy checkered vase boogzel home
    boogzel home wavy checkered vase
    Checkered Wavy Vase
    from $35.00
    boogzel home plant mom hanging vase
    plant mom hanging vase boogzel
    Plant Mom Hanging Vase
    boogzel home aesthetic spherical vase
    boogzel home aesthetic spherical vase
    Mini Spherical Glass Vase
    flowers with eyes tapestry
    Different Eyes See Different Things Tapestry
    boogzel home the witch tapestry
    The Witch Wall Tapestry
    from $19.00
    trust me tapestry boogzel home
    Trust Me Tapestry
    from $19.00
    mushroom lanterns boogzel home
    boogzel home 2.0 mushroom paper lanterns
    2.0 Mushroom Paper Lanterns
    from $12.00
    boogzel home buy window tapestry
    window tapestry boogzel home
    Mediterranean House Wall Tapestry
    field of daisies boogzel home
    field of daisies cottagecore bedding set
    Field of Daisies Cottagecore Bedding Set
    from $85.00
    Galerie D'Art Moderne Posters
    from $9.99
    boogzel home indie room decor set
    indie room decor set boogzel home
    Indie Wall Decor Starter Pack
    Boogzel home pastel vase
    pastel bubble vase boogzel home
    Pastel Glass Bubble Vase
    from $19.99
    butterflies bedding set boogzelhome
    Butterflies Bedding Set
    from $69.99
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    “Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living. There's more to life than decorating.” — Albert Hadley

    What is Indie Aesthetic?

    The term "indie" has recently become associated with younger age groups who prefer vibrant and intense colors, funky designs, rainbows, and other elements reminiscent of childhood. This has given rise to the "indie kid aesthetic." The original version of indie, on the other hand, was distinguished by the use of more muted colors, grainy Polaroid pictures, vinyl records, and other vintage items valued for their authenticity and nostalgia.

    This style is often inspired by elements of the 60s and 70s, and has similarities with the hippie aesthetic. Faux ivy, led strips, faux mushrooms, Polaroid photos, CD's and vinyl records will be great options for your indie aesthetic room!

    How to make your room Indie?

    if you're reading this, most of the work has already been done!

    To create an indie aesthetic room, you can incorporate elements of psychedelic aesthetics, such as tapestries and posters with mushroom and psychedelic motifs. Posters with vibrant colors will also add atmosphere to your room. Consider adding objects such as artificial mushrooms and ivy to add freshness to your aesthetic room.

    Lighting is also an important component of an indie aesthetic room. LED strips, table lamps, and string lights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, you can use CD discs and vinyl records as wall decor.

    When choosing bedding, consider sets with interesting motifs, such as cow spots or checkered patterns.

    Tips And Tricks for your Indie Aesthetic Room

    • Start with a color palette that includes vibrant colors, yellows and greens, and bright accents.

    • Incorporate patterns and motifs like animal prints, floral patterns and tie-dye!

    • You can use Indie bedding to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your room.

    • To add a warm and welcoming glow to your space, choose Indie lighting fixtures such as string lights and cute lamps.

    • Add Plushies and accessories like jewelry holders, desk organizers, and vases to bring the Indie aesthetic to every corner of your room.

    • Last but not least, have fun and be creative! The Indie aesthetic is all about unique, so let your personality shine through in your room!